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The BASCO Boating Sourcing Module - Find Your Boat Faster, at the Price You are Willing to Pay.


Move from being easily distracted and wasting time, to focused and finding ‘the one’.


The 3-Stage Module to Find the Boat That You’re Looking For.


Attention all boating enthusiasts who are searching for the boat of your dreams.


This boat sourcing service is ideal, to gain complete confidence in finding the right boat at the right price without making a costly boat buying mistake.


If you're been looking for a boat for quite a while, this Boat Sourcing Module is available for a limited number of boat searchers and boat buyers each month.


Helping savvy and busy boat buyers source the boat of your dreams at the price you’re willing to pay, so you can enjoy the boating lifestyle experiencing memories of a lifetime, without wasting time, effort or money.


BASCO taps on extensive industry expertise and global networks and then combined with powerful and leading-edge digital marketing strategies to find the boat you’ve been searching for. With more than 30 years’ experience in the leisure boat industry and the last 15 years in Asia, we're delighted to be able to provide this service for busy and discerning boat searchers.


This is a 'done for you' service where we roll up our sleeves and "get hands-on" to find your boat. We'll search out, source, network and social and digitally market to find what you are looking for.


We charge a fee for our service and also an agreed amount for advertising, and these fees are 100% rebated against eventual commission on a purchase.


Next steps: If you've been searching for a while and would like to find out how we help 3-4 boat buyers each month, let’s set up a time for a quick call to see if, and how we can help you. Make an appointment to chat with us HERE,  if you're committed to finding your next boat, at the price you're willing to pay.

Boat Sourcing Service for Buyers

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