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When is the best time to sell your boat?

Picture your perfect day out on a boat – it’s highly likely that the sun will be shining brightly and that it’ll be shimmering off the warm calm waters. This idyllic setting usually equates to the summer months: essentially the prime boating season.

As a general rule, most prospective buyers start their boat research in the spring in preparation for the summer months, in effect making this the perfect timeframe in which to sell your boat. However, this formula does not always apply, particularly not in Asia, or more notably S.E.A, where it is warm all year round so other factors such as the monsoon season need to be taken into account. When it comes to buying or selling, the time in which to enter the market may make a big difference in the value you get. If you time it right you could get a great deal, if you time it wrong the end result may not be so sweet. Knowing when to sell at the right time is a fine art form. You need to figure out when the opportune moment is to part with your boat and when the buyers are out in force.

So, when is the best time to sell your boat? Are you a bit puzzled?

Well interestingly, Online Boat Auctions surpass all these obstacles as all logic can be thrown out the window. It removes the doubt and concern of the ‘right’ time to sell. A global database allows you to tap into a much wider market reach. Seasons or monsoon cycles no longer play such a big role when calculating the best time to sell as you are no longer dependent on where you or your boat are; but rather where your buyer is. You are now dealing with an international platform and a prospective buyer can be anywhere in the world. For example, the monsoon season in Singapore (Oct-March) is clearly not an ideal time to buy a boat in the local market but just may be the perfect time for a boat enthusiast in Australia who is looking to buy a vessel before the ‘summer’ months from December to February.

Take the stress out of calculating the best time to sell – simplify your life and look at other alternatives.

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