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Buying a Trawler Boat for Sale? The Sooner You Know The Better

If you are looking for a boat that is easy to handle and is perfect for cruising, then a trawler boat for sale is the right one for you. This type of boat is perfectly suited for long-distance cruising and coastal exploration. This in-depth guide will give you everything you need to know before buying a trawler boat. Using this as a resource will help you determine why the trawler boat is right for you.

So what's a trawler boat for sale?

Trawler refers to a fishing boat that uses a net called a trawl. The trawl is pulled through the water behind one or two boats, which scoop up everything in its path.

Trawlers are usually defined by their slow speeds of about 6–12 knots, often powered by a trawler engine. Although some more powerful displacement hull models can go as fast as 20 knots if you want more power.

But normally, "trawler" describes all slow-moving vessels, especially those with displacement hulls that push water aside as they move. These include recreational (or "liveaboard") trawlers and cruising boats.

The term "trawler" can be misleading at times because it's often used for both types of boats. Therefore, you should take note of its characteristics before buying one. Many trawlers are designed for comfort and cruising rather than for fishing alone. In this case, it may be called a "trawler yacht."

What Are Trawler Boats for Sale Used For?

Trawler yachts were originally built for commercial fishing, but they have since become popular recreational boats that are designed to be comfortable for extended time on the water.

Most liveaboard vessels have a lot of room for storage and amenities like water tanks and generators. In fact, some people use them as floating homes, living aboard full time or for weeks at a time during extended excursions.

Why should I buy a trawler boat?

A trawler boat is a great boat for the boater who wants a multi-purpose vessel. The trawler can be used for everything from fishing and diving to cruising, but it is also very good at what it was originally designed for – slow speed, long-distance cruising. Trawlers come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: their ability to cruise efficiently and economically at slow speeds.

Today there are many people who use these types of boats for leisure and traveling. If you love the water and want to see more of it, then purchasing a trawler boat for sale may be the best investment for you.

What are the different types of trawler boats?

Trawlers are motor yachts that are designed to be used for long-range cruising. They can be categorized into three main types:

Traditional or full-displacement trawlers: These boats have a traditional hull shape that is designed for efficiency when cruising at low speeds (usually less than 10 knots). They are stable and fuel-efficient, but their slow speed makes them vulnerable in rough conditions.

Modern or Semi-displacement trawlers: These boats have a modified hull shape with a sharper bow and more freeboard. They can cruise at higher speeds (upwards of 20 knots) and handle rough weather better than full displacement trawlers. However, these types of trawlers are less efficient and therefore require more fuel than traditional trawlers.

Planning trawlers: These are typically smaller and lighter than the other two types of trawlers. They draw very little water and can plane at speeds of 20 knots or more. Planning hulls are less stable in rough seas, but their performance capabilities make them good choices for inshore cruising, fishing, and day boating. They handle better than a semi-displacement or displacement trawler but use more fuel.

Different types of trawler boat illustration by

How to buy the perfect trawler boat for sale?

A perfect trawler boat for sale is one that suits your needs and your wish to use it for a long time. No matter! whether it is a used or new one.

If you get a choice between choosing a new trawler boat and buying a good used trawler boat for sale then remember that both of these instances come with a lot of benefits along with their downsides.

Ordering a new trawler boat gives you greater flexibility of design and specifications. You can also expect your boat to arrive brand new and in excellent condition. However, this is quite expensive and you may have to wait a long while before your order gets manufactured, shipped, and delivered. Often this is longer than one year.

Used boats offer greater value and immediate delivery, but if you aren’t careful enough, a bad purchase will easily ruin your boating experience. You should always try and find a trawler boat for sale in excellent condition and seek expert advice in this regard.

Defining Your Trawler Boat Cruising Goals

Buying a trawler boat to live the trawler life is a dream that excites many enthusiastic boaters. However, there are a lot of things to consider when combined, that will help to shape your boating experience.

As part of your decision-making phase, you need to consider your trawler boating goals and objectives. Answer these important questions that will relate to what experience you want.These include;

  • How much time you’ll have to be spending on board

  • Which places you’ll likely want to go.

  • Some other things include the number of people you’ll mostly have onboard which would greatly determine the perfect size of the trawler boat you’ll need.

  • You also need to be clear on your budget for repairs and maintenance.

However, don’t over-analyse these to the extent where you’ll end up confused and not doing anything.

Common Trawler Buying Mistakes

The world of trawler boats can be a confusing and overwhelming place for those who have never purchased one before. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when buying a trawler boat:

  • Not doing enough research: This is the most common mistake made by first-time trawler buyers. You wouldn’t go into a car dealership without doing extensive research, so why do it when you’re buying a boat? Do your homework to make sure you’re getting the best deal on a quality vessel that fits your lifestyle and needs.

  • Not considering a used trawler: A used trawler might be the right choice for you, depending on how much time you spend on the water, what kind of features you want in your boat, and how much money you want to spend. New models can sell for upwards of 6 figures or more — that’s not something everyone can afford, so don’t rule out used boats until you’ve taken a look at them.

  • Not being realistic about how much time you spend boating: All boats require maintenance, but trawlers require even more because they spend so much time on the water. It can be hard to find time for maintenance.

Important Tips to Help You in Buying a Trawler Boat

  • Set a budget for a trawler boat.

  • Choose a suitable type of boat for its future use.

  • Do some research online and consider various brands.

  • Meet with brokers who have the type of boat you want and schedule appointments to go see them.

  • Make a list of the features you want.

  • Inspect the boat and make sure it has been well maintained and is thoroughly cleaned.

  • Make sure you test it out in person, even if you have already taken it for a sea trial.

  • Try to get as much information about the previous owner and previous uses of the boat as possible incase of a used boat.

  • Buy a boat suitable enough for the crew and passenger size as well as the cruising goals you have.

  • Good used trawler boats have the best value but you should be wary of fixer-uppers.

  • Buy a boat that has an excellent maintenance record.

  • Have a definite budget and financing option before going into the market to buy a trawler boat.

  • Consider several options before finally settling for the most suitable one.

  • Be wary of fixer-uppers, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  • Be sensible with your negotiations and purchase. It doesn’t hurt to seek advice from boating experts and professionals.

  • Remember that buying a boat is just the first step; you’ll need to maintain it properly and arrange for small unexpected repairs and running costs.


Buying a trawler boat for sale to live the trawler life is a fantasy most of us would like to experience. Trawlers are great as liveaboards and are also perfect for holiday and weekend getaways. As beautiful as the idea seems, getting things wrong can make it become suddenly ugly and sad.

This happens all too often in our experience. However, with the right knowledge, and nautical know-how your trawler boat purchasing experience will go smoothly. If you buy the perfect boat for your cruising goals, you’ll be setting yourself up for relaxing and happy boating experiences.

Buying a trawler boat can easily get complicated. That’s just how the marine industry is. You’ll need an experienced hand to guide you through the decision making phase through to the buying phase.

If you ever need something like this, check the BASCO Boat Buyers Academy to help you with a bundle of free content on boat buying, tips, online courses, connections, and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll always be there for you!

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