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A Boyfriend Walking out vs Success in Selling Your Boat (It's all about commitment)

What a boyfriend walking out and selling your boat at the highest price in the fastest time have in common.

Let me tell you a quick story about the time my daughter’s boyfriend walked out on her without any inkling or notice … and what you can learn from it about selling your boat

It was mid-afternoon on a Monday and like typical parents with children overseas, every phone call and message are always tinged with worry about if they are OK.

And then one of ‘those’ messages came in, totally out of the blue. It said, “Danny just broke up with me and he’s left”.

What! I felt shocked and then worried. I was reeling, I could hardly imagine what my daughter was going through. It was so out of character for this pleasant young man in his mid-20’s to have simply up and left with no explanation and no warning.

Was it a case of lack of commitment?

This incident reminded me of what it can be like in the traditional boat brokerage business, the one that my hubby had been in for more than 10 years in Asia until he finally quit about 3 years ago, totally worn out and jaded by the brokerage ‘game’.

You see, boat owners and sellers come and go, listings in and listings out, brokers do or don’t sell the boat, and everyone seemingly moves on to the next person, sometimes muttering and complaining about the worth or value of the previous. It can be very transient and hit and miss, and opportunistic.

No side appears particularly committed to the goal of selling the boat, there’s typically no resource allocated for lead generation or marketing and because no one is putting their hands in their pockets and putting money put on the table, not much gets done. The boat gets listed on a website or two, and then the traditional ‘list it and then sit and wait for a buyer to show up” begins.

It’s never seemed like a particularly effective method to me. In my career working with clients as a chartered accountant and financial crime compliance, professional, we partnered with our clients and solved problems and completed projects.

In the brokerage “game” it seemed like no one was managing the project to a successful conclusion. Instead, it was more of a case of looking for a quick and easy opportunistic sale, estimated to be 10% of the boats listed, hence the traditional goal to list as many boats as possible, while the rest of the boats for sale, the 90% were left to languish.

There must be a better way! And this is something I have been pondering and researching and trying to figure out for more than a decade, but since I left my corporate career last year, I’ve been working practically non-stop, with almost fanatical attention to this for the last year and a half! I get a bit embarrassed by how much I am working on this, to be honest.

But the thing I want you to take away from this is that commitment is required to sell your boat at the highest price in the fastest possible time. Resources, effective strategy, single focus attention, and teamwork.

So what this means to you and your boat sale is I’m prepared to commit but if a boat owner isn’t prepared to commit to the process, then I’ve learned the hard way that I shouldn’t either, as it’s too easy for an uncommitted person to simply walk away, just like Danny did.

So here’s your next step as it relates to what you and I just shared: consider what you are losing out on by not making a commitment; a commitment to join a comprehensive Boat Sales Program, backed by a money-back guarantee and an expert team. Be straightforward and open with your dedicated project manager and boat adviser about your boat sale goals. And be willing to invest; after all its 100% refund when the sale occurs.

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