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Latest Press Release EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket 2023

Dione Schick

Aug 4, 2022

EuropeanLife Media in partnership with Thailand International Boatshow & BASCO Boating presents EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket, 11th–18th January 2023 in Phuket Thailand.

Phuket – August 2022.

In collaboration with Thailand International Boatshow, BASCO Boating and Phuket News and several tourist organisations, EuropeanLife Media S.L. is organising EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket to take place in January 2023, featuring the finest shops, restaurants, hotels, and cultural attractions in Phuket and surroundings.

EuropeanLife Luxury Week is an inspiring annual event during which luxury shopping,

gastronomy, hospitality, and cultural sights in each featured city are at the centre of our

promotional campaign. We provide Phuket brands and events with access to our exclusive

distribution channels and start an international campaign to improve and expand their

promotional capacity.

EuropeanLife Media offers our partners the exposure needed to reach their target audience

at the right moment at the right time, thus giving their sales an impressive boost. Besides

enhancing our partners’ visibility through EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket, EuropeanLife

Media will highlight Phuket businesses in a prestigious luxury magazine that is distributed

worldwide and reaches over eight million industry professionals. They will build a Business

and Luxury Hub highlighted with a EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket website, Magazine

and City app.

The 2023 Potential

After the recovery of the global economy, EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket is the perfect

opportunity to gain exposure and promotion as it includes prominent industries such as

fashion, jewellery, & design, travel & hospitality, wine & gastronomy, and real estate, as

well as investment, entrepreneurship, and business opportunities.

All EuropeanLife Luxury Week participants are invited to join EuropeanLife Media in

promoting the enchanting world of luxury and extravagance. In addition to the VIP

magazine, our participants will be promoted through digital platforms and luxury

communities to increase in sales and brand awareness. The opportunities available include

organising exclusively branded activities during EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket.

Please go to our website to sign up, participate or be in contact to take advantage of your participation of EuropeanLife Luxury Week Phuket 2023 the best way and learn more about the possibilities for your business.

About EuropeanLife Media: EuropeanLife Media S.L. is an international media agency promoting luxury brands, events, and businesses. Our interactive and digital custom-made magazines are a marketing tool for many companies to reach the luxury audience and to support them in their success. A highly successful company since 2005, our magazine format has expanded to include many different areas, including real estate, yachting, wines & spirits, travel, and retail shopping and Luxury events. Our organisation is an unparalleled platform connecting retail businesses, luxury owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and luxury lovers. For more information, please visit

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