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Boat Brokers - Agents for the Buyer, and Buyers Advisors in your BASCO Community

Dione Schick

Apr 19, 2022

What Exactly to Buyer's Brokers Do?

Buying Your Boat Through a Boat Broker Who's Acting as Your Buyer's Broker or Buyer's Advisor.

A buyer’s broker represents the buyer, not the person selling the boat. When they know what type of yacht the buyer is looking for, they will search for it through their contacts and resources available to them.

They will source the boat internationally if necessary. They will assist in finding the right boat for the buyer’s needs and budget as well as assist in the necessary paperwork. Buyer's brokers and buyer's advisors charge a fee for professional services, similar to how a surveyor works. In some situations there may be co-brokerage in the deal, and your service effectively becomes free as the service fee is offset. Services Provided by a Buyer's Broker include: - Boat Sourcing - local or international & importing - Independent Buyer's Advisor & Buyer's Broker Service - Free Boat Buying Strategy Session - Free Listing of your Wanted to Buy Requirements - New Boat Consultancy - Boat Buying Critique Service Book a Free Call HERE so we can help you uncover the exact 3 steps you should be taking right now to find the right boat at the right price. If you are a First-Time Boat Buyer or an Expat Boater and want to learn more first on-your-own, check out out New to Boating special offer HERE. BASCO Boating BASCO provides Buyers Advisory and Buyers Broker Services. This includes Boat Sourcing Services. Click HERE to Book a Call to Learn More.

BASCO With You, Buying Your Boat With BASCO is the most predictable and reliable boat buying system in the market. With three stages, you'll be on the water with the right boat at the right price, with the right experience, in no time at all.

Welcome to our new website. Thanks for visiting and thankyou for your patience while we complete our site. You can also Chat with Us via Messenger (see menu bar for link) and for any questions or more information. Preferred Service Providers for Buyer's Broker Services We are currently seeking expressions of interest from Boat Brokerage and Boat Advisory firms who offer Buyers Broker Services and wish to join our community. Contact us to find out more.

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