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Listing Broker / Junior Broker

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Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The Position

We seek a highly motivated individual who wishes to learn the ropes to become a successful Boat Listing Broker. Boat Listing Brokers earn commission on each boat that this sold, regardless of who sells the boat. It is the first step to master on the way to becoming a highly paid Digital Yacht Adviser (aka Boat Broker).
The role consists of work in 4 broad areas:

1. Prospecting
2. Consultative Selling
3. Managing the Sales Process
4. Working with Internal Stakeholders

Detailed responsibilities include

• Supports the Selling Broker with boat sales tasks and follow ups
• Hunts and finds boat listing opportunities within the extensive database
• Sales pipeline management including
• No overdue tasks
• Review pipelines for pipeline health
• Set up new pipelines
• Manage pipeline data for accurate pipeline forecasting
• Create pipeline reporting for boat owner clients
• Attend to a set number of inbound and outbound enquiries per day
• Connect with boat owner clients usually by WhatsApp, establishing rapport and discovering what their boat sale goals and objectives are
• Qualifying clients and setting up meetings for the sales/support teams to discuss opportunities with prospective clients
• Attend to sales enquiries from boat industry businesses and list their products and services to the Asia Online Boat Show
• Plus, other duties as requested

What a successful Boat Broker Intern does

• Attends to tech support questions from clients and prospects
• Supports the Selling Broker with sales activities and tasks
• Carries out target number of inbound enquiries each day
• Carries out target number of nurture follow-up each day
• Carries out target number of outbound each day
• Lists a target number boats and services in the Online Boat Show & Classifieds platforms
• Lists boats in global boat listing websites and other classified sites
• Carries out sales pipeline maintenance and updating each day
• Other duties as requested

Skills and Concepts You’ll Learn

• Select Sweet Spot / Ideal Customers to target.
• Procure & Organise data for Prospecting
• Create Outbound Messaging for Prospecting
• Build & Nurture base of Qualified Prospects.
• Secure the right number of scheduled conversations / meetings.
• Deliver value through insight-based and expert-based consultative conversations
• Conduct detailed business & diagnostic Discovery. Manage (multiple) stakeholders (on Buyer & Vendor side).
• Qualify buyers against the company’s business quality criteria.
• Secure hard commitments from buyers and manage opportunity velocity.
• Deliver a predictable flow on new customers / business per period e.g. month.
• Provide accurate commit-level sales forecasts – forecasts you’d bet your salary on.
• Build & maintain an opportunity pipeline that predictably delivers the target.
• Participate in the Weekly Group & One-on-One Reviews.
• Apply the company’s sales enablement collateral and tools.
• Execute a daily routine that supports income goals.
• Apply the company’s business and technical qualification criteria.
• Adhere to compliance or regulatory rules that protect business quality.
• Work with Marketing to generate quality sales prospecting data.
• Provide the business with objective prospect & customer feedback.
• Update senior management and / or the Board on sales progress.

Skills of a Boat Broker (Listing) Intern you will learn in the training:

- Know your sweet spot/ideal clients to target
- Know how to build and maintain your full pipeline
- Know how to follow up
- Know how to nurture and care
- Know how to find opportunities & problem solve
- Know how to consultatively sell
- Know how to secure critical hard commitments
- Know your numbers & know what tools to use
- Know how to forecast
- Know your strengths & development areas
- Know how to organise your ideal day/week/month
- Know what tools to use


Education and Experience Requirements

 College or University degree an asset

 Experience working in Yacht sales or related industry with expertise with boats a plus

 Minimum of 2 years’ sales experience

 Previous sales management experience an asset

 Experience working with a CRM/pipeline system in a service driven business

 Proficiency and experience with computers and mobile devices and working with

software applications

 Working knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office or Google G-Suite


Skills & Knowledge Requirements

 Exceptional Customer Service Skills as this is a service driven business

 Internet search literacy and technically savvy

 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (both verbal and written)

 Positive attitude and team player

 Attention to detail

 Expertise in boating ideal

Working Conditions & Physical Requirements

 Work from home

 Required to view boats/equipment

About the Company


BASCO is the most reliable and effective boating platform in Asia-Pacific. We strive to address issues faced by the boating community in the traditional boat brokerage by investing our time to understand our customers and their needs so as to provide accurate information and present our best practices to help them achieve their innermost dreams about life at sea.

We are a global virtual community of boaters, partners, and clients and we’re on a mission to provide trusted advice that takes risk and uncertainty out of boat ownership. BASCO informs and advises through the virtual Boat Buyer Expo, and through the Online Boat Show marketplace, connects boat owners with boating lifestyle clients, and to service providers, technical partners and dealers, who can assist them with their boating needs.

First-time boat buyers often need guidance to avoid confusion and bad experiences in their boat purchase. BASCO ensures that trust is built in the community by showing first-time boat buyers through their purchase journey from learning the ropes to finally sealing the perfect deal.

How BASCO’s Products & Services Work

1. Connect: The BASCO global community of boat dreamers, deciders, searchers, buyers, owners & service providers connect via virtual and physical networking events to expand and grow the boating community.
2. Advise: The Boat Buyer Expo provides free education focused advice and training courses; coaching programs, masterclasses, membership to the Boat Buyer's Academy and consultancy services are purchased by buyers and enthusiasts. Industry practitioners also pay for sponsored speaking sessions at our Expo.
3. Trade: BOBBAS – BASCO’s Online Boat Buying & Selling platform – and home of the Asia Online Boat Show where sellers list boats for sale in both classifieds and as Online Boat Show entries and buyers find suitable boats to bid, offer and purchase. Additionally, boat service providers and owners needing repairs find each other in the Boat Assist Technical Services Marketplace. We sell marketing and lead generation packages to boat sellers and service providers. We also sell virtual exhibition space to boat owners and industry exhibitors.

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