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OPERATORS | Boat Shows

Online Boat Show Infrastructure, Support & Development of Evergreen, Digital Conferences & Seminars for Luxury Buyers. Online Boat Show & Expo Digital Asset Rental.

Welcome to our Boat Show Owners & Operators

BASCO Digital is the division of BASCO Boating that works with Boat Show Owners who are looking for:

  1. Increased Boat Show Attendee Numbers

  2. Increased Exhibitor Rebook Rates

  3. Increased Exhibitor Engagement & Marketing (less of a pop-up show)

  4. Increased Revenue

  5. Increased Boat Industry Access & Credibility

What You'll Get in Detail

1. Increased Industry Access & Credibility

Access to BASCO’s 40+ years of industry experience & connections

BASCO’s reputation will support your boat show

Our network and community of more than 300,000 boat enthusiasts around the world

2. Increased Revenue

From increase in the number of customers

Online show products to sell (including speaking, promoting, exhibiting, sponsoring)

From more share of wallet from existing customers (upsell from physical show to online show products)

Subsequent years upsell from online exhibitors to physical exhibitors

3. Increased Boat Show Attendee Numbers (25%). Here's an example from Thailand

2023 goal 4,000 web page visits, 50% sign up = 2,000

2024 goal 8,000 = 4,000

2025 goal 16,000 = 8,000

4. Increased Exhibitor Rebook Rates

Better exposure from the online listing platform

Constant marketing of their show specials 30 days before the show

Increase in buyer appointment rates

5. Increased Exhibitor Engagement & Marketing (less of a pop-up show)

Due to ease of social share of exhibitor online listings

10 x more exhibitor exposure due to the 30-days prior to the boat show

Recorded interview for the Boat Buyer Seminars, livestreams at the show

Boat Buyer Seminars & interviews are “ever green” for up to 52 weekly events


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