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OPERATORS | Boat Guru® Operators

Become a Boat Guru® Operator

Welcome to our new website. The site is still in progress, so please contact us if you have any questions. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

Welcome to our Boat Guru® Operators!

From maintenance companies, to marinas, ship yards, boat shows, dealers, brokers, distributors, boat builders and all other providers to the leisure boat industry we welcome you!

At BASCO Buyers, Advancers, Sellers, Content seekers and Operators congregate to Connect, Advise and Trade with one another.

What are Boat Guru® Operators?

BASCO Boating operates globally through a community and network of Buyers, Advancers, Sellers, Content seekers and Operators. We operate primarily in Asia Pacific.

Our community of operators consist of all boat businesses. BASCO Boat Guru Operators are boat businesses that have a formal business relationship with BASCO. For example this can be

  • Independent Boat Brokers who work with BASCO under licence

  • Boat Dealers or Boat Brokerage firms who use BASCO Boat Guru Finance for their inventory or client boat purchases

  • Aspiring and experienced boat brokers who wish to train to become Digital Boat Advisors

Services for Boat Guru Operators

If you're looking for more business, you're in the right place.

• For more business, brand awareness and more sales

• To find trusted and reliable boat buyers and boat brokers

• For ease, reliability, and safety of transaction, you are in the right place

To find out more about becoming a BASCO Boat Guru Operator, get in touch with us.

Message from our Co-Founder & Boat Guru, Dione Schick

"I help experienced and aspiring boat brokers triple their income in 90-days selling boats online, making consistent money, while working from anywhere.

Come On Board! "

Book a call to find out more.


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