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Which statement best describes you? "I've always dreamed about a boat"

Attention First-Time Boaters & a Special Welcome to Boat Dreamers!

At BASCO, the community comes together as one to help each other achieve their wildest dreams about life at sea!

If you're a boat dreamer and want to get engaged with the experience of boating and want to know more about what boating is all about and whether it is suitable for you, we have some fabulous Free Events for you.

BASCO Connect is dedicated to bringing people in the Boating Community together.
Our Community hosts a range of Free Events to network, connect and expand the Boating Community and to share the joys and pleasures of the Boating Lifestyle.

What's Your Boating Dream?

Free Events for Boat Dreamers!

The Boat Buyer Expo

The 2-Day Virtual Boat Buyer Extravaganza for First-Time Boaters

30+ boating industry experts reveal how to prepare for boat ownership, select the best boat for your lifestyle and budget, and maintain your dream vessel.

Learn More Here

30+ experts are coming together to share their most impactful guidance and techniques for living the boating lifestyle!

With step-by-step details, They will share techniques that can help you ditch the boating industry overwhelm and save thousands along the way.

What is the Boat Buyer Expo?

  • The realities of buying and owning a boat

  • How to make a sound decision when purchasing a boat

  • How to to navigate the unpleasant surprises of the boat buying process

  • How to avoid hidden costs and secure the best deal

  • How to charter a boat or a superyacht

  • The in’s and out’s of building a new boat

  • The costs of boat ownership and maintenance

  • Key resources that can save you thousands as a boat owner

  • What type of vessel is right for your vision and budget

  • What resources you need to make the boating lifestyle a dream

  • The best boating destinations, get-aways and charter experiences

  • How to build or buy a new boat without breaking the bank

Learn More Here

Register for Free Here

Here's Your Action Steps Boat Dreamers:

1. Sign up HERE for the Free 2-Day Boat Buyer Expo

2. Look out for our emails and check your spam folder after you have signed up

2. Follow BASCO Boating on Social Media for all the cool stuff that's going on!


Q: I've already signed up for the 2-Day Boat Buyer Expo. What's next for me?

A: If you've already attended the Expo, contact us for your next free program. We'd be delighted to share that with you, so message us and we'll happily arrange.

Q: I don't think I'm a boat dreamer any more. I want to move forward. What is my next step?

A: If you now wondering if boating is a good idea or not for yourself and your family, congratulations! You've moved from a Boat Dreamer to a Boat Decider! Click on the "Boat Decider" category in the BASCO Community for your next lessons and steps on the journey.

About BASCO Boating

BASCO provides the most comprehensive education and online training for boat dreamers to help you learn more and get engaged with boating and the boating lifestyle.

BASCO provides free online courses, education and events for those dreaming about the boating lifestyle.

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Join BASCO as a Preferred Service Provider to those Dreaming About a Boat

Are you a service provider to those dreaming about the boating lifestyle? Or a Boat Guru who wants to give back to the boating community?

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from Boating education and advisory firms or individuals who offer services for boat dreamers (people who have always dreamed about boating) and wish to join our community.

Contact us to find out more and how to participate to share the joys of the boating lifestyle with our Community.

Come On Board!


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