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Which statement best describes you? "I know exactly what boat and I'm ready to buy it!"


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Welcome Experienced Boat Owners/Buyers! Which statement best describes you?

"I know exactly what boat and I'm ready to buy"

At BASCO, the community comes together as one to help each other achieve their wildest dreams about life at sea!

Want more transparency, neutrality and honesty when it comes to boat purchasing? Or, need someone to trust when it comes to boat purchasing? If you’re looking for

  • Trusted and reliable boat sellers and boat brokers

  • After sales customer service and professionalism

  • Ease, reliability and safety of inspection, transaction and dispute resolution, you are in the right place.

Boat Buying Services for Experienced Boat Buyers

Buying Your Boat

Most experience boat buyers are looking for a boat broker or boat owner who has access to the boat they want, and it's able to be purchased at the price they are willing to pay. We call this fast and opportunistic brokerage "Boat Match-Making". It's the type of deal that everyone wants! The buyer, the seller and the broker as it's easy, fast and at the right price for all the buyer and the seller.

Congratulations, deal done, and you have your new boat!

But, if you are having trouble finding the boat that you want to buy at the price you are willing to pay, BASCO is designed to help you. Here's the services we can provide:

Boat Sourcing Service

Boat Buying Strategy Call

Free Listing of your Wanted to Buy Requirements

Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help. With our global Community and audience of more than 400,000 people we can see who has the boat you are looking for that is coming onto the Market SOON, so we can introduce you first with our Boat Sourcing Service.

About BASCO Boating

provides the most comprehensive Boat Buying Services. Tailored to your experience and your needs meaning if you're a Boat Boss, a First-Time Boater, or an Expatriate Boater or a Boat Guru, what you need from your boat buying experience is vastly different.


Join BASCO as a Service Provider for Experienced Boat Buyers

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from boating firms and individuals who offer services for experienced boat buyers and wish to join our community. Contact us to find out more.

Come On Board!

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