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"I've owned a boat before, but am new to this market and not sure of prices, practices or the risks"

Welcome to our new website Expat Boaters!

The site is still in progress, so please contact us if you have any questions. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

Expat boaters include first-time boat buyers in the adopted country as well as experienced boaters, people who have owned boats before at home, but a new boaters in their adopted home and region.

Research has shown how important it is for Expats to be able to continue to enjoy activities that they are used to at home, while on their international assignments. And this includes the boating lifestyle!

But buying, owning and maintaining a boat in a new country can be a challenge. From not knowing the market to the industry practices can leave Expat boaters at risk of wheeler dealers and shady boat maintenance contractors. BASCO Boating provides the following services for Expat Boaters:

- Boat Buying Strategy Call

- Independent Boat Buyers Advisory / Buyer's Broker Service

- The 2-Day Boat Buyer Expo, the free 2-day boat buying extravaganza where more than 30+ experts, owners and boat buyers share their best tips for living the boating lifestyle

- Boat Ownership Secrets UNLOCKED! Free Webinar

- New Boat Consultancy

- And lots more, including how to maintain your boat and how to sell your boat.

Book a call NOW to discuss how to get on the water faster, with less risk.

Join BASCO as a Preferred Service Provider for Expatriate Boaters

Do you provide boating lifestyle services for Expat Boaters and wish to join our community? Contact us to find out more.

About BASCO Boating

BASCO provides the most comprehensive Buying, Selling and Boat Education and Advisory Services.

But if you want to get started on your own, check out this special offer HERE for First-Time & Expat Boaters.

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