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Client testimonials

An eyeopener on boat ownership and the important aspects to look out for when considering to buy a boat. Short and sweet and straight to the point. A must for anyone looking into boating lifestyle and will make a difference to your journey. I got a boat right after the Masterclass and looking for another now!

Mr DS, Boat Buyer, Malaysia

William and Dione are the best in the business! Knowledgeable, professional, friendly and best of all, not pushy . I made some casual inquiries and they gave a lot of great friendly advice (and heads-up) with no obligations. Will definitely go to them for professional boating help and support.

Mr TH Boat Buyer, Singapore

I purchased my very first boat with BASCO. Having arrived in Asia only recently, not having a driving licence and not being familiar with the local yacht market meant I was accumulating a number of difficulties to make my dream come true. I decided to hire BASCO as they were providing the full suite of comprehensive services I would need throughout my journey to ownership. From advising me where to go to get the licence, to several meetings to determine the best type of boat for my needs, to many visits across the island to find the perfect match, to managing the commercial negotiations and to ensuring post sale that I would be dealing with the best service providers to ensure all the desired upgrades, I had a very thorough experience with them and cannot recommend them enough. Highly knowledgeable, hard working, patient, friendly, I felt they knew about every boat on the marinas, never pushed me outside of my comfort zone with hard selling, and always had my best interests at heart. Look no further!

Mr SC, First-Time Boater, Asia

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