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Boat Buyers Profiling Tool & Wish List Keeper

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Learn How the Profiling Tool & Wish List Gives You An Unfair Advantage With Buying The Right Boat At The Right Price - This fillable checklist & wish list makes it a snap for you to identify and track your ever changing boat preferences - Profiles your wants vs needs so you can focus on exactly the right boat - Know how to get access to the best boat deals and the right boat info - Spend your time enjoying life on the water rather than hunched over a keyboard waiting to pounce on the next deal - Save the information to pass to your boat adviser so you can easily and logically hone in on the right "one" with the info all in one place Total Value: $297Get This For FREE When You Order The Blueprint to Unlocking Boat Ownership Secrets, Today! The Boat Profiling Tool & Wish List Keeper is in two parts. 1/ identify your goals and objectives, needs vs wants in a boat. To do this, we understand your past boat ownership experience as well as what you want to do with the boat, how much time you have, where you want to go and your budget (not just the purchase cost, but also the monthly ongoing cost budget). 2/ specifications and details. Please complete as much as you can, but know that it's 100% usual not to know all the details! The gaps as much as what you are able to complete shine the light for helping you to find the right boat at the right price. The third part will drill into your "deal breaker" when it comes to the boat you are looking for.

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