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The 5-Day Boat Buyer's Challenge!

  • 7Days
  • 9Steps


The The 5-Day Boat Buyer's Challenge! is a unique experience that helps first time boat buyers, boat bosses, and expat boaters to explore the boating dream in 5 days without risks of buying an unsuitable boat, lack of boat price data, or insufficient local boating knowledge so they can get on the water, stay on the water and create memories of a lifetime with friends and family. Day 1: Boating Goals & Objectives The system that helps folks just like you get answers to your initial boat questions. Day 2. Sorting Needs vs wants This process ensures our clients craft their boat wish list, boat profile & boat priorities FAST. Day 3: The Initial List of Boats Consolidate your boat list in your minds eye using our Initial List of Boats frameworks. Day 4: Boat Pros & Cons This process will ensure success as clients identify what matters and what doesn't! Day 5: Moving Forward! The core mechanism for ensuring you can get on the water is our Moving Forward system on Day 5. If you want to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you should be following right now to achieve your goals of the Right Boat at the Right Price, then sign up for the challenge! #1 Bonus: Maintenance Costs & Budget process, which shows our clients how to quickly grasp boat costs & budgets each and every day like clockwork! #2 Bonus: Purchase & Negotiation system. #3 Bonus: Time to Search. #4 Bonus: Shortlisting Boats system. Come On Board!

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