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Boat Ownership Hacks Masterclass

  • 45Days
  • 6Steps


Boat Ownership Secrets Unlocked in this 6-week masterclass. If you're ready... To know once and for all the true cost and risks to buy and maintain a boat, and most importantly, even if you should! Find out the real truth about boat ownership and maintenance so you can move forward. Avoid risking family finances and safety by making a costly mistake, or stay stuck at the dockside by doing nothing. Sign up now for the next Masterclass that starts very soon! What you'll get: - The 6-Week Boat Ownership "Hacks" Masterclass ($997 Value) Week 1 - Secrets in the Boat Industry - From confused about how the industry works to aware Week 2 - Value - What's it Worth - From overwhelmed about boat values to more options Week 3 - Soundness of a Boat - Assessing the Risk - From theory to practice Week 4 - Cost. What Does it Cost & Unknowns & Will I Get Hit - Move from half the costs picture to the full costs picture Week 5 - Maintenance. How Will I Care for a Boat - From unknown and confusing to known and clarity Week 6 - Reliance & Next Steps - From not sure who to trust and vulnerable to 100% confidence Strictly Limited Spots. Maximum 12 people (20 with partners). Sign up now!

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